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Thomar AirDry Dehumidifier - Demister

Strongest vehicle-dehumidifier of its kind, with improved formula: up to 800ml moisture absorption

Prevents misted windscreens and allows for a dry vehicle interior
Effective for up to 4 months at a time
For Taxi, cars, boats, caravans and for the home
Re-usable by regeneration on a radiator or in an airing cupboard
Unlimited cycles
Natural environmentally friendly granules 

airdry CLASSIC is the centerpiece of the airdry product range. Like a sponge, airdry draws and then locks in moisture, using the contained action granules (non-dripping system). With its weight of 1 kg airdry CLASSIC can absorb up to 800 ml water. This makes airdry the most powerful car dehumidifier available of its kind.

The upper side of airdry is made from a non-woven fabric, which becomes noticeably damp through moisture absorption. The underside is made of plastic, preventing moisture from being transferred downwards.

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